The Right Choice for Your Needs

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Who wants to do Research?

San Jose, CA has over 50 self-storage facilities to choose from, which is a huge number for those researching the best storage solution for their needs.  Tackling this number alone can become overwhelming and flat out exhausting.  In fact, for first time storage users, knowing where to start can be disheartening and quick choices can lead to a negative user experience.

There are many things to consider in your quest for self-storage; from convenience to security, availability and pricing.  Determining the right self-storage facility for your needs can make all the difference when the valuables you store away for safekeeping in an outside location other than your home or business.  Before you settle on the quick and easy choice, it’s always a good idea to take a deep breath (count to five then exhale) and research your options for self-storage before you settle.

Finding the Right Storage Facility

“I bought all this stuff so I can keep it in storage…said no one ever!

No one plans on acquiring too much just so they can use self-storage.  As we outgrow our home or business space, considering storing your valuable elsewhere isn’t the most desirable topic. Purchasing a larger home or increasing the warehouse space can be pricey.  Self-storage is a great solution for those looking for an affordable alternative.  Once you’ve determined the items that need to be stored, the next step is finding the facility that best fits your needs.  Some questions to consider:

  • How long do I intend on storing?
  • Does location matter? How far am I willing to travel?
  • How secure is the facility?
  • Where is the storage unit located? Ground level v Second floor
  • Is the storage facility safe at night? Is it well-lit in the evening?
  • Are the storage units alarmed? Are there cameras and are they working?

Research into Experience

Researching self-storage options in your area is a good way to start. You can get a generalized bird’s eye view by searching online. Many self-storage facilities have websites that lists their web prices and move-in discounted rates. Some self-storage facilities have current photos of their facility online or other web hosting platforms such as Yelp, Google+, Instagram and Facebook just to name a few.  You may even have in-depth information of customer feedback on personal experiences for certain locations.

Once you’ve narrowed your top 5 self-storage facilities, it’s time to pay them a visit!

It is possibly the most important step in finding the right self-storage facility for your needs. Oftentimes, what you read or see online just doesn’t come close to real time experience. Things to look out for:

  • Cleanliness
    • Is the facility well-kept?
    • Are the hallways clear of debris?
    • Is the restroom stocked and clean?
  • Security
    • Are there cameras placed throughout the facility?
    • Are the cameras working and recording at all times?
    • Where is my storage unit located? Is it conveniently located?
    • Are the storage units alarmed? Do they work?
    • Is the facility gated? How do customers get in?
    • What are the access hours?
    • Will I feel safe visiting my valuables in the evening?
    • When is staff in the office?
    • How does the facility and staff make me feel?

The Right Storage in San Jose, CA

Peace of Mind has no Price

The staff at Little Orchard Self Storage will put your worries at ease when you call or stop by for a tour.  The facility features a wide range of sizes sure to meet any type of customer’s needs: from business to residential. Whether you need to store seasonal decorations, downsizing or renovating a home, or have business needs, we can find something that works just right for you.

Call us today!

Little Orchard Self-Storage is conveniently located between Downtown San Jose and Communication Hill near the Plant Shopping Center.  We have units from as small as 5 x 5 to as large at 15 x 20.  We specialize in serving both residential and business needs and have a well-trained, friendly staff that will work with you to find an affordable storage solution that works for you and your needs.